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Skyroot Aerospace makes significant strides in shaping Vikram-1 rocket's stage 1 motor case..!

Indian space technology start-up, Skyroot Aerospace, has achieved a momentous milestone with the completion of the stage-1 motor case for its Vikram 1 space launch vehicle. The company proudly announced this significant development on Twitter, highlighting the successful carbon-fiber winding and curing of the massive motor case. Measuring 10 meters in length and 1.7 meters in diameter, it is the largest composite rocket motor case constructed by Skyroot Aerospace thus far.

The company, based in Hyderabad, revealed that the stage-1 motor case, named 'Kalam 1200,' was meticulously built in-house using their multi-axis high precision robotic machine, powered by proprietary software.

This advanced manufacturing process demonstrates the company's commitment to technological innovation and precision engineering.

Pawan K Chandana, co-founder of Skyroot Aerospace, expressed his excitement about witnessing the creation of this colossal piece of rocket hardware, emphasizing the fusion of art and technology in the intricate craftsmanship of the composite motor case.

He eagerly anticipates the moment when the Vikram 1 rocket, powered by this impressive motor case, ignites into action.

The Vikram series of modular rockets, named after renowned scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, has been designed specifically for the small satellite market. The Vikram 1 launch vehicle, equipped with the 'Kalam 1200' stage, aims to deliver payloads weighing up to 480 kg to a low inclination orbit of 500 km and payloads of 290 kg to a sun synchronous polar orbit of the same altitude.

Notably, the Vikram 1 rocket boasts a remarkable capability of being assembled and launched within a span of just 24 hours from any launch site.

Skyroot Aerospace continues to make noteworthy strides in the space industry. Recently, the company achieved successful flight qualification testing of their Raman 1 engine, which will contribute to the roll attitude control of the Vikram 1 rocket.

Skyroot's accomplishments have garnered significant attention, leading to their prominent feature in a New York Times article that highlights India's thriving start-up-led space business.

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