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Moon lander makes successful but unusual landings on the lunar surface.

Odysseus, a private moon lander, has successfully landed on the moon, but not quite in the way it was intended. The lander tipped over on its side after landing, but is still functional and communicating with Earth.

A fille image of moonlander landing

"We are thrilled to report that Odysseus has made it to the moon," said John Kraus, CEO of Odyssey Moon. "The landing was not exactly what we planned, but the lander is stable and we are in full control."

Kraus said that the lander tipped over because of a problem with one of its landing legs.

an Image of online rocket internship by Brahmastra

However, the lander was designed to withstand such a mishap.

"The lander is very robust," Kraus said. "It is designed to handle a variety of landing scenarios, including rollovers."

Odysseus is now sending photos and data back to Earth. The lander is also expected to take photos of the lunar surface in the coming days.

a file image released by NASA on Moon Lander

"This is a historic moment for private spaceflight," Kraus said. "Odysseus is the first private lander to make a soft landing on the moon. This is a major accomplishment for our team and a big step forward for space exploration."

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