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Two World War II-era Planes Collide Mid-air At Dallas Airshow In US' Texas'

Shocking visuals emerged from Texas in the United States (US) when two World War II-era planes collided mid-air and crashed at the Dallas airshow on Saturday (Local Time), November 12. According to the local media, the incident of collision took place at around 01:25 PM (local time) on Saturday during the Commemorative Air Force Wings at Texas's Dallas Executive Airport.

The visuals of this incident which were captured by people attending the airshow show the horrifying mid-air collision. According to the visuals, a Boeing B-17 heavy bomber is seen flying not very high from the ground when a smaller plane-- Bell P-63 Kingcobra comes hurtling from the left and collides with the B-17, immediately causing both the world war-II era planes to break apart into pieces. Following this, the remnants of the planes crashed on the ground nearby a highway with flames and billowing black smoke.

Planes collide mid-air at Dallas airshow

Immediately after the incident, the Dallas Fire and Rescue team responded to the scene. According to Associated Press, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board have launched investigations into the matter. However, the number of casualties has not been ascertained as of now.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson took to his Twitter and called the collision incident a "terrible tragedy". "As many of you have now seen, we have had a terrible tragedy in our city today during an airshow. Many details remain unknown or unconfirmed at this time," the Dallas Mayor tweeted. "Please, say a prayer for the souls who took to the sky to entertain and educate our families today," he added.

As per Eric Johnson, no spectators or others on the ground were reported injured. The Mayor informed that Highway 67, access roads and Executive Airport will remain closed for the duration of the investigation as they fall under the debris field area.

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