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To 20 Aircrafts, Airbus deliveries decreased by a third in January.

According to the company on Tuesday, Airbus (AIR.PA) deliveries decreased by a third to 20 aircraft in January from 30 in the same month last year.

The European aircraft manufacturer added that it sold 37 aircraft in January, or a net total of 36 following the cancellation of one A320neo, in a monthly operating update.

Comprehensive Airbus data revealed that Viva Air Colombia, an Irelandia Aviation affiliate, was responsible for the cancellation.

A previously disclosed choice by Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) to exercise options for 12 more A220-300s was among the new purchases.

The data have not yet been updated to reflect last week's resolution of a protracted paint and safety dispute with Qatar Airways, which will see Airbus recover 73 orders that it had previously cancelled.

Despite the fact that January is traditionally a sluggish month for deliveries, Airbus has slowed its projected production growth due in part to the scarce supply of engines.

Even though January is typically a slow month for deliveries, Airbus has reduced its anticipated rise in manufacturing in part because of the limited supply of engines.

According to delivery, "this signals a soft start for the year," wrote Chloe Lemarie of Jefferies in a note.

Airbus has adopted a cautious strategy based on a 2023 delivery goal that isn't likely to be considerably higher than the 720 units initially planned for 2022, according to Reuters' report from last month.

As supply chain and industrial challenges started to bite more severely than anticipated, Airbus eventually decreased then abandoned that aim in 2022. It completed 663 industrial deliveries during the year, or 661 after adjusting for Russia sanctions.

According to industry insiders, Airbus' COVID-hampered supply chain will be able to reset and get ready for a more consistent catch-up by mid-decade thanks to the shallower "hockey stick" recovery. Nevertheless, several analysts anticipate strong growth for Airbus this year.

With its annual results on February 16, Airbus is scheduled to release its initial projections for 2023.

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