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Rajnath Singh Announces New Scheme to Fund Defense Innovation by Startups

Rajnath Singh, India's defense minister, has launched a new program to help startups develop new defense technologies.

Image of indian defence minister at defcon

The program, called ADITI, will provide financial aid of up to ₹25 crore to startups for research and development. The goal of the program is to help India become more self-sufficient in defense manufacturing.

In recent years, India has made a concerted effort to reduce its reliance on imported weapons. The ADITI program is a major step forward in this effort.

By providing financial assistance to startups, the program will help to develop new critical and strategic defense technologies.

This will make India less reliant on foreign suppliers and give it a greater ability to defend itself.

aditi scheme

The ADITI program is a welcome development for India's defense sector. It has the potential to boost innovation and help India achieve its goal of self-reliance in defense manufacturing.

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