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India Calls on Industry to Boost Space Defense Amid China Threat

In light of China's rapid development and deployment of powerful anti-satellite (A-Sat) weapons, Chief of defence Staff General Anil Chauhan stated on Wednesday that all parties involved in the defence space arena should strive to strengthen India's counter-space capabilities. The military will likely spend over 25,000 crore over the next few years to fulfil its needs for the defence space India's military chief, General Anil Chauhan, has urged the private sector to step up and help build a powerful "atmanirbhar" (self-sufficient) defense space ecosystem. This call comes against the backdrop of China's rapid development of anti-satellite (A-Sat) weapons, posing a potential threat to India's space assets.

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The Indian armed forces plan to invest a whopping 25,000 crore over the next few years to bolster their space capabilities. This includes building a network of surveillance satellites, secure communication networks, and indigenous positioning systems.

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General Chauhan highlighted the crucial role of space in modern warfare, acting as a "force multiplier" across land, air, sea, and even cyber domains. He stressed the need for both defensive and offensive capabilities in space, urging stakeholders to focus on counter-space technologies to safeguard India's critical infrastructure.

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The government is actively supporting the private sector's involvement in space defense. Initiatives like Mission DefSpace 2022 and seed fund schemes aim to attract startups and boost overall investment in the sector. With the Indian space economy projected to reach $44 billion by 2033, there's a significant opportunity for collaboration and growth.

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This call to action underscores India's determination to build a robust space defense program in response to emerging threats. The combined efforts of the government, military, and private sector will be crucial in securing India's strategic interests in the final frontier.

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