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Indian aerospace ecosystem seeing unprecedent growth towards becoming self-reliant: IAF chief

On Friday, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari, the head of the air staff, urged the Aircraft and System Testing Establishment (ASTE) to broaden its reach in order to take advantage of the unprecedented expansion of the Indian aerospace ecosystem. The head of the Indian Air Force also argued in favour of using big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in flight training and testing procedures.

"With regard to the design, development, testing, evaluation, operationalization, and training of tools and troops used in waging war, ASTE has played a crucial role. The time is now to expand your reach so that you can easily engage with the business community, the certified (flight testing) community, and end users to create a strategy that involves all stakeholders, "added he.

According to him, the ASTE has the particular distinction of working with the Indian defence sector and taking part in design and development activities through assisting defence labs' research and development initiatives.

The head of the IAF urged ASTE and the Air Force Test Pilot School (AFTPS) to seize the chance presented by the nation's expanding aerospace industry.

"The Indian aircraft industry is expanding at a never-before-seen rate in the direction of independence. Our flight testing community has a variety of chances to actively engage and effectively contribute to accomplish the national objectives thanks to the encouragement of domestic production and the enhancement of public-private partnerships "IAF head spoke.

The Air Chief Marshal stated that it was crucial to share best practices and other information because flight testing is a distinct and specialised sector.

"Institutions all around the world make significant investments in educating human resources, constructing infrastructure, and developing secure and hospitable environments for effective flight test operations. As a result, peer connections and transactional relationships are crucial in this context "The IAF chief added that.

He urged the attendees to get the most out of the two-day conference by learning as much as they could.

To maximise safety, he said, "we must draw the appropriate conclusions from the past, comprehend current issues, and define our testing philosophy and approach."

"Maximize effort while reducing programme expenses and delivery schedules. Our training and testing technique will be much improved by using new technologies like artificial intelligence, simulators, and big data analytics to minimise our flying effort "the opinion of Air Chief Marshal.

ASTE is a story of professional brilliance, according to Chaudhari, and it has the single goal of independence in the field of flight testing.

According to the Air Chief Marshal, ASTE has led the modernization and operational development of the Indian Air Force for many years.

In order to complete complex duties in the difficult field of flight testing, he continued, the pilot training school run by ASTE has been crucial in identifying and training the required human resources.

He noted that the "Air Force Pilot Training School has established itself as a centre of excellence for dispensing top-notch instruction and developing a world-class test group, capable of addressing all obstacles involved with flight testing."

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Edited by: Satyavrat Singh

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