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India's ballistic missile test to be deferred due to presence of Chinese vessel in Indian ocean

Due to the presence of a Chinese research vessel in the Indian Ocean, the Strategic Forces Command's user-trial of a ballistic missile from the Agni series scheduled for next week is likely to be postponed.

Since the ship first entered the Indian Ocean, the Indian Navy has been closely observing its movements.

Early on Friday morning, the almost 22,000-tonne Yuan Wang-6, which has enormous antennae, cutting-edge surveillance technology, and sensors that can follow long-range ballistic missile trajectories and monitor satellite launches, was travelling off the Indonesian island of Bali.

"Since the Chinese research vessel reached the IOR, the Indian Navy has been keeping a careful eye on it. The Indian Navy's mission-deployed assets in the IOR and aerial surveillance capabilities guarantee that the Navy retains a thorough understanding of the maritime domain in the area "Defence sources were quoted by ANI as saying.

High altitude long-range unmanned aerial vehicles will keep a careful eye on it, and if it moves closer to Indian seas, an Indian surface warship may have a meeting with it. The Indian Navy has also been closely monitoring its movement in the vicinity.

These research ships are also sent by the Chinese to follow their satellite launches, but this time, it may be to track upcoming missile launches by the Defence Research and Development Organization in India.

Such spy ships that remain in international seas but have technology to identify and track activity have been a problem for India.

"The Bay of Bengal was covered by an increased no-fly zone as a result of an earlier NOTAM (warning to airmen) that India had issued in preparation for its long-range ballistic missile test on November 10–11. Just two days ago, an experimental AD-1interceptor missile for the indigenous Phase-II ballistic missile Defence (BMD) system was tested from Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha "a TOI report stated.

Early in August, India expressed to Sri Lanka its grave concerns regarding the docking of the Yuan Wang-5 at its southern port of Hambantota. Due to this, Colombo initially decided to postpone the docking; however, after doing a U-turn, it approved it from August 16 to 22. The US has also raised red flags about the Chinese ship's arrival at Hambantota.

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