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US approves sale of armed drones to India

The United States has approved the sale of armed drones to India in a deal worth $3 billion. 

an example image of drone flying in sky

The deal includes the sale of 30 MQ-9B Predator drones, which are capable of carrying Hellfire missiles.

The approval of the deal was delayed for several months due to concerns about human rights abuses by the Indian military. The US has agreed to investigate an alleged assassination plot on US soil in exchange for India's cooperation. Both countries deny any wrongdoing.

The deal is expected to strengthen the US-India strategic relationship. India is a key US ally in the region, and the two countries have been working together to counter China's growing influence.

Indian prime minister modi and US president Biden together

The sale of armed drones to India is a controversial issue. Some human rights groups have expressed concern that the drones will be used to target civilians. Others argue that the drones are necessary to help India fight terrorism.

The US has said that it will monitor the use of drones by India and will take action if they are used for human rights abuses.

AN AI generated image of US approving indian drone deal

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