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Garuda Aerospace, Elbit Systems sign agreement to provide drones to commercial, govt agencies

According to a top executive at Garuda Aerospace, the drone as a service (DaaS) startup has partnered with Israel's largest defense systems manufacturer, Elbit Systems, to build Skylark 3 drones for land mapping and other services.

According to Agnishwar Jayaprakash, founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, "We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Elbit Systems to initially create two Skylark 3 drones for large-scale surveying and mapping of villages under the Indian Government's Swamitva Scheme."

At the 2022 Defense Expo, the MoU was formally signed.

"The Swamitva Scheme has recently extended our contract. Currently, the contract is worth roughly Rs 150 crore. We can finish the survey project earlier using Skylark 3 drones since they can fly for 8 to 9 hours every day, Jayaprakash continued.

He claims that Garuda Aerospace and Elbit Systems would work together to build the drones, and the MoU has a three-year validity period.

The Swamitva Scheme will primarily use Skylark 3 drones for Survey of India projects that involve extensive village mapping and surveying.

With Swamitva projects, Garuda Aerospace has already shown to be the most successful company, having just finished mapping more than 7,000 villages for the government in a single year.

These high-end drones will come with cutting-edge sensors that can be used in massive mining operations for steel mills, coal mines, and other facilities.

Drone Shakti initiatives, which involve using drones for agricultural purposes, will also be developed jointly in terms of technology and execution.

Additionally, the businesses will create, manufacture, and modify unmanned aerial vehicles for a range of uses in this exciting and varied industry.

Ziv Timor, Senior Director, Elbit's UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Business Unit, stated: "We are excited to cooperate with Garuda Aerospace to offer a range of civic services using cutting-edge UAS (unmanned aerial system) and sensor technologies. Elbit and Garuda, in our opinion, can work together to effectively address India's expanding need for civilian UAV utilization.

To produce UAVs, Elbit Systems and the Adani group have signed a partnership agreement.

The new Delta Wing Tactical Drone dubbed Vajra was also launched by Garuda Aerospace, along with an MoU with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems.

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