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Join Us Today - Start Your Core Aero Career with TechPub

Aerospace Technical Publication Training Program

3rd Oct - 2nd Dec

Are you a recent graduate with an engineering background and a passion for aerospace?


Are you seeking exciting opportunities in the aerospace industry or multinational corporations?


Look no further!


Brahmastra presents a unique and sporadic opportunity with our Aerospace Technical Publication Training Program.


  • Aerospace Technical Publication provides documentation and literature for the aerospace industry.

  • It offers technical information and instructions for aircraft, spacecraft, and associated systems.

  • Crucial role in aerospace: facilitates design, development, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and repair.

  • Ensures reliable and safe functioning of aerospace vehicles and equipment.


  • Aerospace technical publications ensure safe and efficient aerospace operations.

  • They provide comprehensive guidance for designing, operating, and maintaining aerospace vehicles.

  • Emphasize highest standards of safety and quality.

  • Support education, standardization, regulatory compliance, and continuous improvement.

  • Promote seamless communication and advance the aerospace industry.

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  • Techpub is essential in aerospace for technical knowledge and guidelines.

  • Ensures reliable and safe functioning of aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Provides crucial information for design, operation, maintenance, and repair.

  • Promotes safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

  • Supports aerospace professionals and industry standardization.

  • Continuously assists throughout the lifecycle of aerospace vehicles.

  • Drives industry advancement and commitment to excellence.

Techpub Companies

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Module 1 – Tech Pub Awareness

Introduction to Tech Pub

  • Introduction to Tech Pub

  • Tech Pub Process

  • Tech Pub Standards

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual

  • Class

  • Exercise

  • Review

  • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue

  • Class

  • Exercise

  • Review

  • Wiring Diagram Manual

  • Structure Repair Manual

  • Engine Manual

  • Other Manuals 

  • Other Supporting Documents

Module 2 – Tech Pub Hands on – Training

Tools/Software Training

  • Manual Preparation

  • Input 

  • Process 

  • Quality Check

  • Exercise

  • Review

  • Soft Skill Workshop

  • Interview preparation

  • Interview Practises

  • Workplace etiquettes Workshop 

  • Aircraft System Test 

  • (5 Tests In total need to include in Module 1 as well)

  • Technical Test 

  • (for each manuals we need to conduct one test)

  • Mock Interview

Take Away

  • Placement Assistance

  • Mock Interviews

  • Career Counseling

  • Job Reference 

  • Job Matching

  • Resume Building

  • Interview Preparation

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Job Listings

  • Company Partnerships

  • Follow-Up Support

  • Industry Insights

Important dates:

  • Application Opens on 27th September    (Wednesday)

  • Closes on 3rd October (Tuesday)

  • Class Starts on 3rd October (Tuesday)


  • Monday to Saturday Evening 18:30 IST - 20:00. 

  • Recorded Versions will be given for each class (In case of time miss match your schedule). 

  • There will be a separate session for offline learners for queries.

  • Language: English

Instruction to Join:

Step 1: Click "Join Now"
Visit our website and find the "Join Now" button. It's your gateway to becoming a part of this exciting event!

Step 2: Fill Out the Form
Once you click "Join Now," you'll be redirected to a Microsoft Forms page.
Fill out the form with accurate details. We want to get to know you better!

Step 3: Submit Your Form
After filling out the form, click the "Submit" button. Your information is important to us.

Step 4: Await Contact
Once we receive your form, our customer representatives will swing into action.
You'll be contacted by our team for further instructions and details about the course.

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  • Bachelors in Aerospace, Aeronautics 

  • Diploma in in Aerospace, Aeronautics

  • Basic Knowledge on Aeronautics and Aircraft. 

  • Basic Knowledge on English

What you pay




(Inclusive of ​online infrastructure, training, Career Guidance and issuance of  E-certificate, Mock Interviews, Placement Assistant)*

Cancellation & Refund Policy

At Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited, we strive to provide a valuable learning experience through our Technical Publication program. We understand that circumstances may arise where you need to cancel your participation in the internship. Therefore, we have established the following Cancellation & Refund Policy to ensure a fair and transparent process:

1. Cancellation by the Student:
    1.1. If you wish to cancel your participation in the Technical Publication program, you must notify us in writing, text, or email at least 2 days after the scheduled start date of the internship.
   1.2. In case of cancellation within the specified notice period, we will refund 90% of the total internship fee paid by you, retaining a cancellation fee of 10% as administrative charges.
   1.3. If you fail to provide the required notice or do not attend the Technical Publication program without prior notification, no refund will be provided.

2. Cancellation by Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited:
   2.1. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the offline internship due to unforeseen circumstances or any other reason, we will notify you as soon as possible.
   2.2. In such cases, we will offer you the option to transfer your registration to a future internship session or provide a full refund of the internship fee paid.

3. Refund Process:
   3.1. If you are eligible for a refund per the above conditions, the refund will be processed within 3-5 business days after receiving your cancellation request.
   3.2. The refund will be issued using the same method of payment used for the original transaction.

- Any transaction fees or charges incurred during the refund process will be deducted from the refund amount.
- Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited reserves the right to modify this Cancellation & Refund Policy at its discretion.

We hope that this Cancellation & Refund Policy provides you with clarity regarding the process in case you need to cancel your participation in our offline internship program. If you have any further questions or require clarification, please feel free to contact our team.

Contact our
Public Relations Officer for your Queries.

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