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Brahmastra carries out a technical publishing training program. In the aerospace industry, the technical publication is one of the emerging fields. This sector needs a lot of engineers with engineering backgrounds and English language proficiency.

recent graduates who are looking for work in the aerospace industry or multinational co-corporate companies can take advantage of this sporadic opportunity.

Aerospace Technical Publication is a booming industry in the field of aerospace. A career to invest one's technical knowledge and the zest for aerospace engineering is rightly available in this domain. We at brahmastra here to promise you to rightly train and guide to capture a successful career in Aerospace Technical Publication and Design Domain. Technical Publication Services comply with ATA100, ATA iSpec2200, S1000D, ASD STE (Simplified Technical English). Technical Publication Services include creation, revision and maintenance of  

Aerospace Technical Publication includes creation, update, and publication of different types of user manuals that are used at the time of maintenance of an aircraft. 

There are many types of manuals used for referring at the time of maintenance activities. Ex:


  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM),

  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM),

  • Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue (AIPC),

  • Structural Repair Manual (SRM) etc. 

Each manual is used as a reference at the time of certain maintenance activity

Module 1 – Tech Pub Awareness

Introduction to Tech Pub

  • What is Tech Pub?

  • Why Tech Pub?

  • Scope of Tech Pub

Tech Pub Process

  • Process description of Tech Pub

Tech Pub Standards

  • ATA 100

  • iSpec2200

  • S1000D

  • ASD – STE100

  • Guides from OEM


  • Aircraft maintenance Manual

  • Component Maintenance Manual

  • Aircraft illustrated parts catalogue

  • Wiring Diagram Manual

  • Engine Manual

  • Illustrated Tools and Equipment Manual

  • Service bulletin

Module 2 – Tech Pub Hands on – Training

Tools/Software Training

  • Arbortext Editor

  • Isodraw


  • Practical on the tools

  • Preparation of manuals

On Aircraft

  • Validation of the manual on Aircraft

  • Understanding the Aircraft Systems

Soft Skill

  • Corporate Etiquette Workshop

  • Customer Expectation

  • Seminars on all the topics by students

  • Workshop on facing the Interview

Final Evaluation

  • Written Test

  • B2 level English Test

  • On Aircraft validation


1. AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)

Mechanical - Engine and Airframe Electrical, Instrumentation, and Navigation Systems in Avionics

2. Engineering Bachelor's Degree in a Variety of Streams, such as 

  • Aerospace

  • Mechanical

  • Automobile

  • Instrumentation

  •  Electrical

  •  Electronics, and Communication

3. Good writing and speaking skill in English language

4. Basic Engineering subject knowledge

5. Good aptitude and interpersonal skills

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