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Brahmàstra's "Space Evangelist" program is formerly the "CAMPUS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM" by the team. We strongly believe our campus ambassadors are the power who spread the idea of space with the common people. "Space Evangelist" is an additional position to all the members who are "Campus Ambassadors" of Brahmastra. The people under this program will be representing our company Brahmastra in his/her college. They will be the official contact person of the college which they represent. Any MoU's, Collaborations, programs planned to be conducted in their college will be done through these "Space Evangelist's". The "Space Evangelist Program" also serves as a type of internship to develop the interpersonal, leadership and communication.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• The selected candidate will represent the Brahmastra Aerospace Systems at their respective academic premises.
• To promote Brahmastra Aerospace Systems as and when necessary in order to increase the connectivity and knowledge.
• To plan, organize or be a part of an activity or event at their respective academic premises during their tenure as campus ambassador of Brahmastra Aerospace Systems.
• Contribution to social media activities. 
• Keep in touch with other campus ambassadors and help us in the growth of the programs,
• The Campus Ambassador can encourage the fellow students, who are willing to participate the following events hosted by Brahmastra Aerospace Systems.
• Every month-end, there will be an assessment on about your contribution towards Brahmastra Aerospace Systems.

Rules & regulations:

1) Maximum 3 students from a college/campus are allowed to participate.

2) This program is strictly only for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students.

3) Students from any country can apply.

4) You may get a chance to work with BRAHMASTRA in future!!!

Perks & Benefits:

• To Develop key employability skills such as negotiations, assertiveness, problem solving, teamwork, project planning, and confidence.• Will work as great resume booster• A chance to build your network.• Certificate of Appreciation, Letter of Recommendation based on performance