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Embark on an exploration of Space Mission Design, delving into the intricacies of Electronics, Mechanical Design, and Orbit Simulations. The journey includes Satellite Antenna Design, exploring advancements in Spaceborne Antenna technology, focusing on aspects like Impedance and Radiation Pattern. The program encompasses Application and Fabrication techniques, offering insights into Futuristic Satellite Connectivity and Advanced RF Technology. Participants will also engage in Satellite Payload Optimization, learning the intricacies of Designing and 3D Printing satellite components. The course extends to simulating and assembling satellite parts, with a special focus on Solar Sail Application. Lastly, participants will delve into the creation of Cutting-Edge Propulsion Systems tailored for satellites, adding a dynamic dimension to the comprehensive learning experience.


  • Introduction of Satellites and CubeSats | Subsystems of Satellite

  • Elements of Orbital Mechanics & Types or Orbits

  • Orbital Transfers | Satellite launch systems

  • Elements of Digital Communication | Equations of motion

  • Satellite Structural Design & Elements (Hands-on)

  • Satellite onboard processing. (Hands-on)

  • PCB Design (Hands-on)

  • Subsystem Integration (Hands-on)

  • Antenna and tracking systems  Integration (Hands-on)

No of Seats


For better performance 

Satellite Building

1. Innovative Design:

   - Compact 10cm cube featuring aerospace-grade aluminum alloy structure.


2. Multi-functional Precision:

   - Temperature-sensing capabilities and precise orientation determination for scientific research.


3. Advanced Sensor Network:

   - Integrated sensors for accurate temperature measurement, providing crucial data.


4. High-Performance Antenna:

   - Dedicated antenna system for tracking and relaying vital information back to Earth, unlocking cosmic insights.


Any engineering Bachelor's  Degree Students.


1. Satellite Basics:

   - Learn fundamental satellite engineering and CubeSat principles.


2. Orbital Dynamics: 

- Grasp orbital mechanics, communication basics, and different orbit types.


3. Launch Insights:

   - Understand satellite launch systems for a holistic perspective.


4. Hands-on Skills:

   - Develop practical expertise in structural design, subsystem integration, PCB, and antenna systems.


5. Career Readiness:

   - Apply knowledge to real-world scenarios, preparing for a satellite engineering career.


  • Nov 16 - Dec 15*

  • Bangalore. 

note: Separate batches can be arranged for group of minimum 5 or more.

Facilities Offered

  • Vibrant and Interactive classrooms

  • PG arrangements for male

  • Free on campus Wifi

  • Research Methodologies 

  • Design professional staff

  • Printed Certificate

  • Career Guidance 

  • Career consulting for Masters

  • Professional CV building 

  • Personality development class

Take aways

  • 30 days of intensive training 

  • Personalized career assistance 🔍🤝

  • Physical interactive classes from professionals 🎙️💻

  • Study materials 📚

  • Printed Internship Certificate 📜

  • Letter of Recommendation for Higher studies📃🌟

  • Placement training 🎯📚

  • CV Building Assistance

  • Aero Core job placement assistance 🤝💼

  • Placements and reference Placements on core companies. 


What you Pay


Join Now


Instruction to Join:

Step 1: Connect with the Academic Coordinator

   - Reach out to the academic coordinator to initiate the joining process.


Step 2: Schedule Your Slot

   - Coordinate with the coordinator to finalize a suitable slot for yourself or your group.


Step 3: Payment Procedure

   - Negotiate payment details with the academic coordinator and make the payment through any API apps using the provided link or QR code.


Step 4: Slot Reservation

   - Once the payment is shared, your slots will be officially booked.


Step 5: Accommodation Assistance

   - Rely on your academic coordinator for assistance in finding nearby PG accommodations with potential discounts.


Step 6: learn and make your Satellite.

*** Terms and conditions apply

Cancellation & Refund Policy

At Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited, we strive to provide a valuable learning experience through our offline internship program. We understand that circumstances may arise where you need to cancel your participation in the internship. Therefore, we have established the following Cancellation & Refund Policy to ensure a fair and transparent process:

1. Cancellation by the Intern:

    1.1. If you wish to cancel your participation in the offline internship, you must notify us in writing, text or email at least 2 days after scheduled start date of the internship.
   1.2. In case of cancellation within the specified notice period, we will refund 90% of the total internship fee paid by you, retaining a cancellation fee of 10% as administrative charges.
   1.3. If you fail to provide the required notice or do not attend the internship without prior notification, no refund will be provided.

2. Cancellation by Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited:
   2.1. In the unlikely event that we need to cancel the offline internship due to unforeseen circumstances or any other reason, we will notify you as soon as possible.
   2.2. In such cases, we will offer you the option to transfer your registration to a future internship session or provide a full refund of the internship fee paid.


3. Refund Process:
   3.1. If you are eligible for a refund as per the above conditions, the refund will be processed within 3-5 business days after receiving your cancellation request.
   3.2. The refund will be issued using the same method of payment used for the original transaction.

Please note:
- Any transaction fees or charges incurred during the refund process will be deducted from the refund amount.
- Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited reserves the right to modify this Cancellation & Refund Policy at its discretion.

We hope that this Cancellation & Refund Policy provides you with clarity regarding the process in case you need to cancel your participation in our offline internship program. If you have any further questions or require clarification, please feel free to contact our team.

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