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Winter Drone Masterclass

The perfect Drone class

Time for your children to deliver gifts in Drones

Hold onto your hats, future Dronas! Get ready to blast off into the skies and explore the incredible world of drones this Christmas! Brahmasrtra Aerospace & Defence is bringing you the ultimate Winter Drone Masterclass, a one-day adventure where you'll learn everything you need to know about these flying marvels, from basics to flight! Buckle up, Grades 5-10, because December 24th is about to take flight on Microsoft Teams!

Agenda & Syllabus

Introduction (15 mins)

  • Welcome and Registration

  • Quick Ice-breaker

  • Overview of Mini Drone Workshop


Session 1: Drone Basics (30 mins)

  1. Introduction to Drones (10 mins)

    • Types and Applications

  2. Drone Components (15 mins)

    • Anatomy and Flight Mechanics

  3. Safety Guidelines (5 mins)

    • Responsible Flying Practices


Session 2: Hands-On Drone Experience (45 mins)

  1. Pre-flight Checks (10 mins)

    • Drone Setup and Safety Protocols

  2. Basic Controls (25 mins)

    • Hands-on Practice with Drone Controllers

  3. Mini Flight Challenges (10 mins)

    • Fun and Simple Flight Activities


Break and Refreshments (15 mins)


Session 3: Drones in Action (45 mins)

  1. Real-world Applications (20 mins)

    • Industry Examples

  2. Emerging Technologies (15 mins)

    • Advances in Drone Tech

  3. Interactive Q&A and Closing (10 mins)

    • Students' Questions

    • Closing Remarks and Certificates

Note: The condensed format focuses on introducing students to the basics of drones, allowing them hands-on experience, and providing insights into real-world applications within a 2-hour timeframe. Adjustments can be made based on the pace of the workshop and participant engagement.


  • A solid understanding of drone basics, covering components and flying principles. This foundational knowledge equips them with the essentials for future exploration.

  • Exploring how drones impact various industries provides participants with a broader perspective on the practical uses of drone technology. This insight encourages them to envision drones beyond a hobby.

  • Advancements and possibilities in drone technology, participants leave the program with a sense of excitement about the evolving landscape of drones and the potential innovations that lie ahead.

  • The program contributes to personal growth by fostering problem-solving skills, promoting teamwork through hands-on activities, and boosting participants' confidence in handling and operating drone technology.

  • program aims to not only impart drone knowledge but also to inspire participants by connecting theoretical concepts with real-world applications. The outcomes extend beyond technical skills, fostering personal and intellectual growth while igniting a lasting passion for the limitless possibilities of drone technology.

Take aways

1. "Drone Scientist Jr." Certificate

2. Interactive Notes and Videos

3. Career Exploration in Drone

4. Live Q&A Sessions

5. Virtual Hands-On Activities

6. Community Interaction

7. Fun Challenges and Quizzes

8. Career guidance

9. ISRO Space Tutor Career Guidance


Date :
24 December 2023
Time :
6:30 - 8.30PM
Platform :
Microsoft Teams
Age eligibility:
9 - 15 (Grade 5 - 10)
Requirement :
A good laptop or mobile phone with stable Internet and a notebook


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STEP 1. Participants making payment are requested to wait patiently till the process is completely done, do not refresh or come out of the window till the PAGE IS REDIRECTED.

STEP 2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before you make the payment.

STEP 3. After the payment is done, you will be redirected to fill out a google form.

STEP 4. After filling Microsoft form, you will be receiving an acknowledgment mail for confirmation.

STEP 5. If you are not redirected to the forms, The forms link will be in the bottom of the payment receipt there will be link to the forms


STEP 6. If confirmation mail is not received or if you face any problem while making payment, please do contact WhatsApp Mr. Surendran Ganeshan (Click the name to contact)

(Check your email’s spam or junk folder if you do not receive it after filling out the Microsoft forms.)

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