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Veda Aeronautics to Deliver Jet Powered SUMS (Smart Unmanned Munitions System) to Indian Air Force!

Noida-based Veda Aeronautics Private Limited (VAPL) has been making significant strides in the defense sector with its cutting-edge technology. Earlier this year, VAPL secured a substantial contract valued at 300 crores from the Indian Air Force (IAF). In an exclusive interview with News9, Dipesh Gupta, the Managing Director of VAPL, confirmed that the contract is for their innovative S-UMS (Smart Unmanned Munitions System), also known as Sureshastra MkI. This development marks a groundbreaking step in the field of military drones.

The S-UMS, or Sureshastra MkI, is a remarkable jet-powered, catapult-launched fixed-wing swarm drone, the first of its kind to be adopted by the IAF. It measures 3.5 meters in length, boasts an impressive range of 150 kilometers, and features a wingspan spanning 3 meters. Powered by a turbojet engine, this drone opens up new possibilities for the IAF in terms of precision strikes and tactical operations.

One of the standout features of the S-UMS is its ability to operate in swarms, with each drone capable of engaging different targets simultaneously. This capability enhances the IAF's operational flexibility and effectiveness, particularly in scenarios where multiple targets need to be neutralized swiftly and precisely.

Dipesh Gupta revealed that VAPL is on the verge of commencing deliveries of the Sureshastra MkI to the IAF. However, the company is not resting on its laurels. It is actively collaborating with the IAF to develop even more formidable systems, aligning with the specific requirements and evolving needs of the Air Force. This commitment to innovation ensures that VAPL remains at the forefront of drone technology in India.

The S-UMS represents a significant leap in India's drone capabilities and underlines the country's commitment to leveraging indigenous technology for defense purposes. With Veda Aeronautics' dedication to advancing drone technology, the future of unmanned aerial systems in the Indian defense landscape looks promising.

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