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Unwavering Momentum: BEL making strides in the Defence Industry!

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), India's premier defense electronics company, has achieved remarkable success in the fiscal year 2023-24 by securing orders worth Rs 5900 Cr.

Among these significant contracts is the acquisition of the state-of-the-art Akash Prime Surface to Air missile for two regiments, valued at Rs 3914 Cr.

Additionally, BEL has been entrusted with developing and delivering cutting-edge defense technologies, including the Shakti EW suit, GBMES & GBVU com Jammers, and a comprehensive training system for the Combat Management Systems (CMS) of the P15B destroyer and P28 Corvette for the Indian Navy.

Akash Prime Surface to Air Missile: A standout achievement for BEL is the procurement of the Akash Prime Surface to Air missile. Valued at Rs 3914 Cr, this advanced missile system has been contracted for two regiments. The Akash Prime is an upgraded variant of the highly successful Akash missile, designed to provide enhanced air defense capabilities.

With its longer range, improved guidance system, and advanced seeker technology, the Akash Prime will bolster India's air defense capabilities, ensuring the nation's security against aerial threats.

Shakti EW Suit: BEL has also been entrusted with the development and supply of the Shakti Electronic Warfare (EW) suit. The Shakti EW suit is a state-of-the-art electronic countermeasure system designed to detect, identify, and neutralize hostile electronic signals and communications.

This advanced system will enhance the Indian Navy's ability to operate effectively in electronic warfare environments, ensuring a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

GBMES & GBVU Com Jammers: In addition to the Shakti EW suit, BEL has been awarded contracts for the development and production of Ground-Based Mobile Electronic Support (GBMES) and Ground-Based Vehicle Upgrade (GBVU) Communication Jammers. These cutting-edge systems will enable the Indian Armed Forces to disrupt enemy communications and neutralize their electronic support systems, providing a significant advantage in both offensive and defensive operations.

Training System for CMS of P15B Destroyer & P28 Corvette: Recognizing BEL's expertise in providing comprehensive training solutions, the Indian Navy has entrusted the company with the development of a training system for the Combat Management Systems (CMS) of the P15B destroyer and P28 Corvette.

These training systems will play a crucial role in familiarizing naval personnel with the advanced CMS platforms, enabling them to effectively operate and manage the sophisticated combat systems on board these vessels.

Overall, Bharat Electronics Limited's successful acquisition of orders worth Rs 5900 Cr in the fiscal year 2023-24 demonstrates the company's unwavering commitment to technological excellence and indigenous defense production.

These contracts not only showcase BEL's technical expertise but also reinforce India's commitment to self-reliance in defense manufacturing, paving the way for a stronger and more secure nation. With the procurement of cutting-edge defense technologies, including the Akash Prime missile and the Shakti EW suit, BEL is contributing significantly to bolstering India's defense capabilities, enhancing national security in an ever-evolving global landscape!

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