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UK will invest in UP's Aerospace and Defence Industries according to UP Global Investors Summit.

According to British Minister Alex Chalk at the UP Global Investors Summit, the United Kingdom is prepared to commit to a historic relationship with India with the greatest ever transfer of jet engine technology.

On the third and last day of the UP Global Investors Summit in Lucknow on Sunday, British minister of state for defence procurement Alex Chalk said that the United Kingdom will invest in Uttar Pradesh's defence, aerospace, and medical sectors.

He was presenting at the Dadhichi Hall session for the United Kingdom Partner Country.

"I take great delight in my participation in GIS-23. It is a significant accomplishment to stand on this vast tract of land in Uttar Pradesh and invite investors from around the globe

The fact that this programme is taking place in the "Rice Basket" state is also a significant accomplishment.

Chalk stated a desire to continue working with the government, particularly in the field of defence.

"Uttar Pradesh is actively participating in the "Make in India" initiative to help satisfy India's defence demands, and we will contribute in numerous ways, such as through investment and the production of strategic and tactical weapons. With this, Uttar Pradesh will be able to satisfy India's defence requirements, according to Chalk.

Additionally, Uttar Pradesh will become a major exporting state globally. The world looks forward with hope and expectation to seeing the realisation of the vision of Uttar Pradesh's golden future because an effective Uttar Pradesh is crucial not only for India and the Asia-Pacific region, but for the entire globe, said the speaker.

Chalk referred to the defence alliance between India and the United Kingdom as a geopolitical imperative.

"There is a rising perception that the world is getting riskier. People are aware of China's escalating aggression and systematic violations of international norms. Our defence alliance needs to be energised, he said.

According to him, the need for a sovereign defence industry in a nation like India is crucial not just for the region but also for the entire world.

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, acknowledges the significance of this and recently attended a meeting in London with the Indian National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, and his British counterpart, Tim Barrow, to discuss the strategy for enhancing trade, technology, and defence ties with India.

According to him, the UK is prepared to commit to a historic cooperation with India that will involve the largest-ever transfer of jet engine technology.

According to Chalk, the technology will give the Make in India initiative a boost and make India one of just six nations worldwide with this capabilities. According to him, this will enable India to export fighter planes to other countries on its own terms and in its own best interests.

India's fastest expanding area, Uttar Pradesh, is brimming with opportunities. A nation with a population of more than 240 million has developed into a hub for research and development. a nation that, like Britain, is eager to build its future. We are aware of Uttar Pradesh's chief minister Yogi Adityanath's ambitions for the state's economic expansion, infrastructural improvement, and designation as the nation's driving force for change, he added.

He added that Uttar Pradesh and the United Kingdom will have a thorough collaboration to support one another's growth.

More than 30 British companies are collaborating with their Indian counterparts, the British minister added, as a sign of their commitment.

"Today they are signing seven Memorandum of Understandings with UP, committing 165 million pounds, which will create thousands of employment," he stated.

He asserted that Britain was the G20 country that had invested the most in India and that India was the second-largest employer in the United Kingdom.

He continued, "India and the UK have a joint defence industry group aiming to strengthen their strategic alliance and collaboration in space technology."

The potential for our sector to work together on electric propulsion technologies to power the Indian Navy is enormous.

He said there was a great possibility for our sector to work together on complicated missile systems and electric propulsion technology to power the Indian Navy.

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