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The Bengaluru startup that launched its third hyperspectral imaging satellite via ISRO’s PSLV

a start-up situated in Bengaluru On November 26, Pixxel sent Anand, its third hyper-spectral satellite, into orbit.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was utilised for the launch (PSLV).

The business is undertaking its maiden launch from Indian soil this time. It has already launched two demonstration satellites aboard the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in the US, known as "Iteration-1" and "Iteration-2."

Pixxel concentrated on developing satellites for hyperspectral photography, which may help take detailed, rich photos.

Co-founder of the firm Awais Ahmed said of Anand, "Anand weighs less than 15 kg and can tolerate over 150+ wavelengths.

He noted that current multispectral satellites could not effectively identify gases, methane leaks, subsurface oil, insect infestations, and agricultural illnesses early on.

The longer-term objective is to construct and launch 24 commercial hyperspectral spacecraft, creating a whole constellation of satellites.

With a target launch date of mid-2023, Pixxel is now testing the first six at its facilities in Bangalore. Pixxel will be able to guarantee that these hyperspectral picture satellites have worldwide coverage thanks to such a constellation.

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