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Tata to Deliver Fresh Batch of Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicles to Indian Army!

Tata Advanced Systems (TASL), a part of Tata Aerospace & Defence, has achieved a significant milestone by announcing the successful readiness for dispatch of its Tata Quick Reaction Force Vehicles (QRFV) to the Indian Army. In a Twitter announcement, Tata stated, "TASL has successfully delivered the Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle to the Indian Army."

Manufactured at the Tata Advanced Systems facility in Pune, the Tata QRFVs have demonstrated their operational readiness in challenging terrains. The Indian Army, impressed by the performance and capabilities of these vehicles, has placed a reorder with TASL for a larger quantity, marking a substantial expansion of the fleet.

The Tata Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (QRFV) is an armored personnel carrier designed with mine protection and configured in a 4x4 setup. Its specific purpose is to serve as a mine-proof troop transport vehicle, making it a crucial asset for special response units and law enforcement forces, particularly in countering insurgency.

Tata Advanced Systems emphasizes the versatility of the QRFV, highlighting its capability to function as an escort protection vehicle, further enhancing its utility in various operational scenarios. Beyond its role in domestic operations, these vehicles have gained recognition on the global stage and are reportedly in service during peacekeeping missions worldwide.

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