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Space Crystals Project aims to put Human DNA on the Moon in 2023

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Space Crystals LLC plans to land DNA-infused crystals on the Moon in a commercial lunar lander.

Client DNA will be crystallized in space by Space Crystals LLC, and then using lunar landers, those stable crystals will be placed on the Moon's surface.

According to company executives, Capacity Crystals has reserved payload space for its first such delivery on a lander mission in 2023.

Customers must pay $150,000 for the technology, which is supported by Waypoint 2 Space and its founder Kevin Heath. It is designed to "preserve one's existence in the cosmos," the firm claimed in a news release on Monday (Oct. 17).

According to Space Crystals, the idea entails infusing two crystalline solutions with customer DNA before launching the solutions into space where they will develop into "two different and unique crystals."

According to Space Crystals, the technology is novel and has a patent application pending; DNA injection of a crystal in space has never been done before.

The company says that the microgravity conditions of spaceflight enable crystals to grow into distinct shapes on each journey, as opposed to the regular shapes seen on Earth.

The company claimed that after the crystals are returned to Earth, one is delivered to the client and the other is launched once more into space, this time to the Moon, along with a "time capsule" holding 1 gigabyte of the client's private information.

On Heath's resume are credits for work on the SpaceShipOne program, which twice in 2004 launched the first commercial crewed spacecraft to the final frontier, as well as stints at Fortune 500 companies, startups, and U.S. government military agencies like the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Edited By: Prabhjot Singh Maan ( LinkedIn ).
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