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Skyroot Aerospace unveils Indigenous Vikram-1 rocket!

Indian startup, Skyroot Aerospace, celebrated the unveiling of its indigenous rocket, Vikram-I, at the MAX-Q Campus, their new headquarters. The facility, located in the GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park in South Hyderabad, was inaugurated by Minister of State for Science and Technology, Jitendra Singh.

The Vikram-I orbital space launch vehicle was the highlight of the event, signifying a significant achievement for the startup. The MAX-Q Campus spans 60,000 square feet, making it India's largest private rocket development facility. It integrates design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities for space launch vehicles and serves as the central hub for Skyroot Aerospace's 300-member team.

Vikram-I is a multi-stage launch vehicle designed for payloads of up to 300 kg to low-earth orbits, with a scheduled launch in early 2024. It features an all-carbon fiber body and a 3D-printed liquid engine for deploying multiple satellites into Earth's orbit. This marks Skyroot's second rocket after the successful launch of Vikram-S in November the previous year.

Skyroot Aerospace's CEO, Pawan Chandana, explained that the MAX-Q headquarters is named after the point of maximum stress, 'Max-Q,' that every rocket encounters during its journey to space. It represents the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving extraordinary goals in its mission to "Open Space For All."

Minister Jitendra Singh praised Skyroot as a testament to India's talent and scientific expertise, noting that the space sector's transformation has led to a surge in startups. He credited the government's initiatives in fostering public-private partnerships for this growth, opening up new opportunities for innovation in the space industry.

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