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Russia Plans For Trilateral Co-Production of Su-57E Fighter Jets with India and UAE!

In an effort to enhance its position in the global aviation market, Russia's Rosoboron export is suggesting a trilateral co-production plan for its fifth-generation Su-57E fighter jets, involving India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This proposal comes as both India and the UAE explore options for next-generation fighter aircraft.

The UAE, having suspended talks with the US on a $23 billion deal for 50 F-35 fighter jets, is seeking alternatives. The Su-57E, with its advanced stealth capabilities, is emerging as a potential candidate. India, while developing its indigenous fifth-generation fighter under the AMCA program, is in the early stages, with prototype testing expected in 5-7 years.

The proposed co-production plan allows both countries to share costs and benefits, accessing advanced technology. Su-57E jets would be partially manufactured in the UAE, Russia, and India, with specific work share agreements. This not only boosts the economies of participating nations but also opens opportunities for exporting the Su-57E.

While the UAE hasn't officially responded, the co-production concept could be enticing given the aircraft's capabilities. India, previously withdrawing from the FGFA program, might reconsider in light of this proposal.

Russia's suggestion represents a significant shift in its approach to international defense partnerships. By offering a co-production model, Russia aims to expand its global reach and position itself as a leading provider of advanced military technology. The success of this venture depends on commitment and cooperation among the countries involved, potentially setting a new precedent for international defense collaborations.

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