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Rocket Lab launches Swedish satellite, fails to catch booster

On Nov. 4, Rocket Lab successfully launched a Swedish atmospheric research satellite on an Electron rocket, but the company was unable to attempt a mid-air recovery of the rocket's booster due to a telemetry issue.

At 1:27 p.m. Eastern, Rocket Lab's Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand saw the launch of the Electron rocket for the "Catch Me If You Can" mission. About an hour after launch, the MATS satellite for the Swedish National Space Agency was released from the rocket's kick stage.

The business used a helicopter with a hook to try and snag the booster as it descended under parachute. The stage may be recovered with that hook if it can get hold of the parachute before it reaches the ocean.

Rocket Lab later said that the planned mid-air grab had been scrapped when live video from the helicopter revealed no evidence of the rocket. As with numerous other launches, the firm stated that it would instead recover the stage from the water.

Rocket Lab claimed in a series of tweets that the first stage's telemetry was lost when it reentered the atmosphere. According to regular operating practise, the business will remove the helicopter from the recovery area if this occurs. Safely splashing down, the stage was being picked up by a ship.


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