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Philippine Coast Guard Witnesses Operational Capabilities of Indian ALHMK-Ill helicopters!

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) recently witnessed the operational excellence of indigenous Indian ships and aircraft, with a focus on the remarkable IC Advance Light Helicopter (ALH) MK-III. Crafted by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the ALH MK-III helicopters showcase India's forefront technological strides in the aerospace arena.

Engineered with state-of-the-art attributes, the ALH MK-III helicopters are specialized for maritime surveillance and search-and-rescue missions. These helicopters are outfitted with cutting-edge surveillance radar, electro-optical sensors, Shakti engines, a full-glass cockpit, a high-intensity searchlight, advanced communication systems, automatic identification systems, and a search-and-rescue homer.

These features enable the helicopter to adeptly conduct maritime reconnaissance and execute search and rescue operations across extended distances, even under challenging nocturnal conditions. Designed for seamless operation from ships, the ALH MK-III helicopters bolster their adaptability and efficacy in safeguarding coastal and maritime territories.

The 'Customer Demonstration Flight of the Indian Coast Guard ALH MK III' was coordinated with HAL authorities, affording Philippine Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Artemio Manalo Abu the firsthand experience of the helicopter's operational capabilities. Admiral Abu, authorized by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to enhance defense cooperation with India, undertook this flight to assess the helicopter's potential in augmenting maritime security and emergency response capabilities.

Beyond showcasing India's technological prowess, this demonstration underscores the prospect of bilateral defense cooperation between India and the Philippines. The ALH MK-III helicopters exemplify India's commitment to innovation and global maritime safety. As both nations pursue collaboration, this event signifies a substantial stride towards fortified partnerships in defense and security.

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