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Pakistani planes bombed houses of civilians in Afghan

The recent exchange of fire at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, resulting in the tragic loss of eight lives, stems from heightened tensions between the two nations. The incident occurred at the Torkham border crossing, a vital point of transit for travelers and goods between the two countries. The clash involved security forces from both sides, with reports indicating that the firing led to casualties, including civilians and border guards.

The clash at the border has once again underscored the longstanding disputes and security challenges that have plagued the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region for decades. The incident has further strained relations between the two neighboring nations, with both sides engaging in blame games and accusations following the exchange of fire.

The situation remains volatile, with efforts underway to defuse tensions and prevent further escalation of hostilities. The clash serves as a stark reminder of the complex geopolitical dynamics and security threats that continue to impact the region, highlighting the need for diplomatic dialogue and peaceful resolutions to prevent further loss of life and instability along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Additionally, the Taliban spokesperson has condemned the Pakistani air attacks in Afghanistan, emphasizing the loss of civilian lives and denouncing the airstrikes as a violation of Afghanistan's territory and sovereignty[1].


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