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'Make In India' drone dream comes alive!

Eminent air, a drone start-up, recently launched its first drone and demonstrated its capabilities at an inaugural event. The company's goal is to leverage drone technology to revolutionise the logistics industry and provide a more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for package delivery.

This specially developed UAV has a maximum takeoff weight of 35 kg and may travel more than 60 kilometres in 60 minutes during a single flight.

In order to guarantee secure deliveries and minimise any potential risks during operations, Eminent Air has installed a parachute system into its drones as part of its commitment to offering secure and ecologically responsible delivery choices.

The drone can carry a range of weights because to its changeable lifting capacity and numerous battery arrangements.

Additionally, the drone's payload container has an insulated vaccine carrier to safeguard temperature-sensitive commodities like vaccines and medications.

A positive development in the direction of this objective is the first drone's successful demonstration.

UAVs are poised to play a bigger role in the logistics sector as a result of developments in drone technology, which might significantly shorten delivery times and lower costs.

Priyank Varshney, the founder and CEO of Eminent Air, expressed happiness on their first official drone demonstration by saying, "We are happy to add and showcase our first drone. This day is significant because it represents our official entry into the drone delivery industry, which has the potential to completely transform how things are transported throughout India".

He further adds "The much-needed government push has opened up a lot of possibilities for the drone delivery industry. Eminent Air would want to support the objective of our Honourable Prime Minister to turn India into a centre for drone technology".

Eminent Air uses drones to specialise in "On Demand Logistics." In order to satisfy your logistical needs with the least amount of disturbance to your current process, Eminent Air's team of professionals, specialists, and technologists is prepared to set up, integrate, and operate "Drones as a Service" from any location.

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