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LCA-Naval Impresses Naval Chief but will procure TEDBF!

The Indian Navy is focusing on elevating its aerial capabilities by expressing satisfaction with the indigenous Tejas aircraft and maintaining a watchful gaze on its advanced version, the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF), currently under development. Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral R Hari Kumar, shared his insights in an exclusive interview with The New Indian Express.

Admiral Kumar lauded the Tejas aircraft's performance and its value within the naval fleet. The Navy has procured prototypes that have met operational expectations, establishing the Tejas as a reliable indigenous creation. However, the Navy's ambitions reach further, as it eagerly anticipates the advanced TEDBF.

The TEDBF, developed by Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd, signifies a significant leap in naval aviation. Envisioned to deploy 45 units by 2040, the aircraft is expected to be ready by 2026, with production slated for 2031-32. Designed with foldable wings and powered by a GE-414 engine, the 26-tonne class TEDBF aims to replace the existing MiG-29s, reinforcing the Navy's commitment to enhancing its aerial capabilities.

Admiral Kumar also discussed aircraft deployment on the newly commissioned INS Vikrant. Plans include introducing Rafales in the near future, marking a substantial upgrade in the carrier's aviation potential.

Furthermore, Admiral Kumar emphasized the strategic importance of Karwar as a smart naval base, particularly due to the ongoing expansion of the Seabird Naval base. This expansion is anticipated to stimulate regional economic growth, create job opportunities, and enhance infrastructure.

Admiral Kumar's recent inauguration of residential buildings at Amadhalli and Arga Naval Bases showcases the Navy's dedication to quality infrastructure for its personnel and their families. In sum, the Indian Navy's strategic foresight propels its pursuit of advanced aviation capabilities, ensuring preparedness for future challenges and contributing to the nation's security and prosperity.

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