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ISRO to Launch 36 OneWeb Satellites on March 26, Bringing High-Speed Internet from Space

Bharti-Backed OneWeb Completes Global LEO Constellation with Final Satellite Launch.

The final 36 satellites of Bharti-backed OneWeb's global Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation are set to launch with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on March 26.

This launch will mark OneWeb's 18th and final launch of the first-generation LEO constellation, completing the company's global coverage in 2023.

This milestone will add 36 satellites to the OneWeb fleet, making it the first-ever global LEO constellation.

OneWeb Executive Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal previously stated that the company would provide services in India by July-August.

The launch is significant for OneWeb and the UK and Indian space industries. OneWeb aims to bring secure solutions to enterprises, towns, villages, municipalities, and schools, including hard-to-reach areas across India.

The commercial arm of ISRO, NSIL, will conduct the launch. OneWeb's completion of its global LEO constellation is a crucial step towards providing worldwide satellite-based internet access.

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