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'InQube': India's First Open-source Satellite To Be Launched By ISRO In December

A 12th-standard student Onkar Batra has developed India's first open-source satellite 'InQube' which will be soon launched this month with the help of ISRO.

Onkar Batra, a student in Class 12 at the BSF Senior Secondary School in Jammu, has created India's first open-source satellite, "InQube," which will be launched this month with assistance from the Indian Space Agency, or ISRO. The Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency developed this satellite, InQube.

India's first open-source satellite 'InQube'

Onkar Batra provided information on his project, noting that the satellite weighs one kilograms and was created utilizing nanotechnology. According to ANI, the price to launch it in India ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 80 lakh, however in other nations, the price might reach crores. Every satellite that is put into orbit has a unique mission, he continued.

InQube contains two missions:

1.Whether a satellite that light can function in space

2.The other will measure the local temperature in order to inform scientists of the local weather and how challenging it will be to launch a satellite into space.

Batra Technology's chief executive officer is Onkar Batra. Ram Nath Kovind, who was India's president at the time, presented him with the National Ball Shakti Award for developing an interactive website for COVID-19 in 2020. With the support of doctors, the Government Medical College Jammu created the Quaidcare website, which enabled up to fifty individuals to contact a doctor at once.

Onkar Batra serves as the company's chief executive officer. He received the National Ball Shakti Award from then-Indian President Ram Nath Kovind for creating an interactive website for COVID-19 in 2020. The Government Medical College Jammu developed the Quaidcare website, which allowed up to fifty people to contact a doctor at once, with the help of medical professionals.

At the age of seven, Onkar Batra launched his first website and earned the title of World's Youngest Webmaster, earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records (male).

And when he wrote his book "When The Time Stops," he was just 12 years old, making him the youngest theoretical author in history. He established two businesses, United India Publishing in 2019 and Batra Technologies in 2018.

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Edited by: Satyavrat Singh

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