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Indo-US Air-Launched UAV (ALUAV) to be used for 'electronic support jamming mission'

The Indian Ministry of Defence and the United States Department of Defense signed a Project Agreement (PA) for the ALUAV in 2021 as part of the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative's Joint Working Group Air Systems (DTTI).

This cooperation on defense-related projects will guarantee the creation of an ALUAV that can be launched from transporters like the C-130 and C-17 and used to support jamming devices for electronic equipment.

Once built, the ALUAV will offer network-centric warfare (NCW) capabilities and wide-angle coverage even before human and unmanned aircrafts fly missions in the air.

Swarm ALUAVs can be used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance and can be customized with a variety of payloads. The use of UAS by Motherships is viewed as a previously untapped resource for enforcing Anti-Access and Area Denial (A2AD) in the sky above the enemy line.

Source: IDRW.ORG

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