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India to implement quality control order for drones and electric vehicles

According to the government, it is concerned with the security, safety, and provision of high-quality goods to Indian customers.The policy will go into effect on July 1 of this year.According to BIS, the idea of switching out the batteries in an electric car is being considered because some issues have been brought up.

The Indian government has announced a new quality control order for the manufacturing and import of drones and electric vehicles.

The decision was made by the Consumer Affairs Ministry in an effort to ensure quality products for Indian consumers, focusing on safety and security.

The move is aimed at reducing wastage, generating jobs, and reducing prices of all commodities brought under the quality control order.

The government has stated that the quality control order is not intended to target imports or any other business sector, but rather to ensure that consumers receive quality products.

The Director General of the Indian Bureau of Standards, Pramod Tiwari, stated that the proposal of battery swapping in electric vehicles is under consideration, and a detailed policy with regards to swapping of batteries in electric vehicles will be created after due consultation with the industry.

The government recently brought a quality control order for commercial industrial shoes, which was opposed by some industries.

After failing two deadlines to implement the quality control order, Union Minister Piyush Goyal stated that the government will ensure the safety and security of industry workers by ensuring that quality shoes are approved by the quality control order.

In a scenario where drones are being heavily used commercially and domestically, including in the agriculture sector, the quality of their manufacturing and import becomes very important.

Similarly, electric vehicles are in high demand nationwide. The government says that the draft for the quality control order is being considered, and soon there will be an implementation of the order as per the set standards prepared by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The Director General of the Bureau of Indian Standards, Pramod Tiwari, says that after the quality control order rules are notified, manufacturers of drones and electric vehicles, as well as importers of the same, will have to follow the rules set by the Indian government for better quality manufacturing and import of these products.

A total of 115 quality control orders covering 493 products have been notified for compulsory BIS certification by the respective line Ministries/Departments of the Government of India.

Until May 2014, only 14 TR/QCOs covering 106 products were notified for compulsory BIS certification and implementation of Indian Standards. After May 2014, a further 101 QCOs covering 387 products have been notified.

In conclusion, the Indian government's decision to introduce a quality control order for drones and electric vehicles is a positive step towards ensuring quality products for Indian consumers.

With the increasing use of drones and the exponential demand for electric vehicles, it is important to maintain high standards in their manufacturing and import to ensure safety and security for all.

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