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India hosts first-ever India-Africa Army Chiefs' Conclave

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

India hosts the first-ever India-Africa Army Chiefs' Conclave with 25 African partner nations participating in the exercise.

The conclave aims to encourage participants to actively contribute and share their ideas in a free and positive manner.

The history of India-Africa relations dates back to the Indus valley civilization and Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful resistance movement greatly influenced Nelson Mandela.

India has been a leading campaigner at the UN in support of African decolonization and is committed to building a strong partnership.

Indian armed forces have traditionally related to their African counterparts, and training and deployment of teams in several African nations continue.

The Indian Navy and Air Force also have deep-rooted training engagements with their African counterparts. Indian forces have been actively involved in several United Nations peacekeeping missions in Africa since 1916.

India aims to nurture a vibrant and world-class defense manufacturing industry in the country to achieve the government's recent reform goals.

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