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India has purchased ₹340 crore anti-drone solutions from Zen Technologies!

Zen Technologies Limited, a leading provider of military training and anti-drone solutions, has achieved a major success in the export markets.

They secured an order valued at approximately ₹340 crores (~$41.5 million USD), solidifying their position as a key player in delivering cutting-edge Military Training and Anti-Drone solutions.

With a strong focus on innovation and a proven track record of successful global deployments, Zen Technologies is dedicated to ensuring comprehensive security against drone attacks.

Zen Technologies: Pioneering Military Training and Anti-Drone Solutions

For over three decades, Zen Technologies Limited has established itself as a renowned industry leader in military training simulators and anti-drone systems. Their portfolio includes state-of-the-art land-based military training simulators, driving simulators, live range equipment, and anti-drone systems.

With a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) facility in Hyderabad, recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, Zen Technologies showcases its commitment to innovation and technological advancements.

Advanced Anti-Drone System: Safeguarding Against Aerial Threats

The heart of Zen Technologies' Anti-Drone System, known as Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS), lies in its multi-layer, multi-sensor architecture, offering comprehensive security against drone attacks.

This system consists of several modules, each contributing to the detection, classification, tracking, and neutralization of drone threats. Let's delve into these modules in detail:

  1. RF Based Drone Detector (RFDD): The RFDD identifies drones by analyzing the radio frequency communication between the drone and its Ground Control Center (GCC). Scanning a wide range of frequencies used by drones and their GCCs, the system pinpoints the drone's direction using an array of receive antennas.

  2. Video Based Drone Identification & Tracking (VDIT): Equipped with day and night camera sensors, the VDIT module captures video and images of drones. Working alongside the RFDD, it confirms the presence of a drone and initiates tracking, accurately identifying drones up to 3 km away.

  3. RADAR: To detect autonomous drones operating without direct links to their operators, an X-band 3D RADAR is integrated into the system. Providing precise data on the drone's coordinates, including azimuth and elevation, the RADAR's feed enhances remote monitoring capabilities.

  4. Data Fusion and Command Center (DFCC): Serving as the central hub, the DFCC integrates data from the RFDD, VDIT, and RADAR modules. Detection and classification algorithms based on RF and visual data present a comprehensive threat situation on a map, allowing for customized monitoring and threat identification zones.

  5. Drone RF Jammer (DRFJ): The DRFJ disrupts communication links between drones and their GCCs by jamming ISM bands, GNSS signals, mobile signals, and other frequencies. Automatic generation of jamming waveforms based on RFDD-detected frequencies, coupled with directional antennas, effectively neutralizes drone communications.

  6. Hard Kill Options: Zen Technologies' Anti-Drone System offers two hard kill options to neutralize drone threats. The kinetic-based neutralization employs a gun with auto-aligning capabilities to physically destroy the target. Alternatively, the net-based drone catcher uses a dedicated drone with a hanging net to safely capture small rogue drones carrying potentially harmful explosives.

In conclusion, Zen Technologies Limited's significant export order highlights their expertise in delivering advanced Military Training and Anti-Drone solutions. Leveraging their cutting-edge Anti-Drone System's multi-layer, multi-sensor architecture, Zen Technologies remains at the forefront of safeguarding military and civilian installations from evolving drone threats. Their commitment to innovation and proven global deployments underscores their leading position in the industry.

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