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HAL in Talks with the Philippines for ALH-Dhruv Helicopter Procurement!

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is in discussions with the Philippines to potentially sell 20 ALH-Dhruv helicopters. This signals HAL's expansion into the international market. The Philippines is considering purchasing Maritime variants of the ALH-Dhruv for Search and Rescue (SAR) and Marine Reconnaissance (MR) missions.

The ALH-Dhruv, developed by HAL, has proven to be a versatile and reliable platform. It was first introduced in 2002, designed for both military and civil applications. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard have used ALH-Dhruv helicopters for nearly two decades in various missions, including maritime operations, SAR, and marine reconnaissance.

A challenge faced by the Indian Navy was the size of the ALH-Dhruv when deployed on ships. However, HAL has addressed this with the wheeled version of the ALH-Dhruv, featuring segmented blades that reduce the folded size, making it suitable for the hangar space on most Indian Navy ships. This innovation streamlines ship deck operations.

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Edited By: Aman Sirigineedi | Brahmastra Services

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