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GTRE's Bold Move to Supercharge the Kaveri Engine

Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) has re-floated the Expression of Interest (EoI) for Equiaxed nickel alloy low-pressure turbine (LPT) rotor blades and vanes, a move that holds significant implications for the development of the indigenous Kaveri engine.

The re-floated EoI seeks to engage potential bidders for the crucial components required for the Kaveri engine, which has been a long-standing project aimed at enhancing India's self-reliance in aero-engine technology. By sourcing high-quality Equiaxed nickel alloy rotor blades and vanes through this initiative, GTRE aims to bolster the performance and efficiency of the Kaveri engine.

The development and supply of these components are essential for optimizing the functioning of the Kaveri engine, which is intended for various applications, including military aircraft. The incorporation of advanced Equiaxed nickel alloy rotor blades and vanes will contribute to the overall performance, reliability, and durability of the Kaveri engine, thereby advancing India's capabilities in aero-engine technology.

This initiative not only supports the ongoing efforts to enhance the Kaveri engine but also underscores GTRE's commitment to indigenous research and development in the field of gas turbine technology. By strengthening the supply chain for critical components like Equiaxed nickel alloy LPT rotor blades and vanes, GTRE is paving the way for the successful realization of the Kaveri engine project and the broader goal of achieving self-sufficiency in aero-engine manufacturing in India.

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