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GE-HAL Jet Engine Deal Inches Close after Getting No Objections in U.S.Congress

The groundbreaking GE-HAL jet engine deal, marking the first-ever technology transfer of its kind between India and the U.S., is on the brink of receiving U.S. Congressional approval in the near future, as confirmed by U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti.

With the expiration of the legal notification period on August 27, U.S. Congress members had the opportunity to raise concerns about the technology transfer for the GE F-414 engine to India. Notably, both Republicans and Democrats have united in support of the deal, emphasizing its significance. This political consensus paves the way for the final clearance of this historic agreement.Central to the GE-HAL jet engine deal is the transfer of technology for the advanced GE F-414 engine, poised to significantly enhance India's defense capabilities. This collaboration entails an impressive 80% technology transfer to India.

The collaboration aims to manufacture 99 F414 engines under license, with the agreement's signing expected within the current financial year. Following the timeline, the initial batch of engines will be produced in India approximately three years after the deal is signed.

The forthcoming approval by the U.S. Congress underscores the depth of trust and cooperation between the two nations. This technology transfer is not only a remarkable feat in defense technology but also a testament to the evolving diplomatic and economic ties between India and the U.S.

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