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Fill the Skill gap in Aerospace

"Fill the Skill Gap"

#Brahmastra is no more "just an another Edtech".

What we found in the past four years experience in Aerospace & Defence Industry is "#skillgap".

The Indian Policy Changeovers in recent times shows the bright future in Investments, Manufacturing, Maintenance Repair & Overhaul, Space Privatisation, Satellite Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Defence Manufacturing, Drone Manufacturing, Drone as a Service, Satellite as a Service etc.,

what we found in the students and the academia is #ignorance.

We as a team found it has to be addressed it has to be bridged by Brahmastra Aerospace & Defence Pvt. Ltd.

We will be serving the both Students & Industries as a bridge to make the dreams happen in real worlds.

In this Auspicious Day we are yet to announce our new Departments to work in the upcoming days.

* Internship Trainings

* Drones as a Service

* Satellite as a Service

* ISRO's Space Tutor

* Technical Publications

* Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

* Defence Journalism

* Career Guidance

* Engineering Services

Thank you for everyone who supported us during all the times.

We will serve this nation as a skilful, Self Sufficient, Aatmanirbhar Bharat on Aerospace & Defence Industry. #Jaihind

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