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Electoral Bonds Sold to Pakistan after Pulwama?

The Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO) has been linked to the controversial electoral bonds case in India. The electoral bonds scheme, which allowed for anonymous donations to political parties, has faced scrutiny for its lack of transparency and potential impact on the democratic process. HUBCO's involvement in issuing electoral bonds during the Lok Sabha elections, particularly at a time of heightened nationalist sentiments following the Pulwama attack, has raised concerns about the influence of such donations on political parties.

One political party has been accused of reaping political benefits and downplaying the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, where 40 Indian soldiers lost their lives. Critics have highlighted that no serious investigation took place after the attack, while allegations suggest that a certain political party used Pulwama as an election toolkit, potentially funded by HUBCO, a Pakistani company.

The case surrounding electoral bonds has brought to light issues of transparency, accountability, and the potential misuse of funds in political financing. The Supreme Court's ruling declaring the electoral bond scheme unconstitutional underscores the importance of transparency in political funding and the need for citizens to be informed about the financial support received by political parties.

Disclaimer: The above news has been sourced from various citations after the eloctoral bond scheme report.

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