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Astra lays off 16% to focus on spacecraft thrusters and new rocket

One-sixth of Astra Space's personnel will be laid off, according to the company's management, in order to concentrate its resources on the creation of spacecraft electric thrusters and the creation of a new launch vehicle.

In its quarterly financial report, which was posted on November 8, the Alameda, California-based corporation announced it was laying off 16% of its workforce. Additionally,

it is spending less on its "space services" business line to build a constellation of satellites that would offer consumers services like communications, putting more of an emphasis on its spacecraft propulsion and launch vehicle business lines.

Although Kemp stated during the call that the firm had "over 400" workers that the company would be cutting off more than 60 individuals, the company did not specify how many people would be put off.

As of Nov. 7, the company had not submitted a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notification to California's Economic Development Department, which is required for businesses in the state terminating more than 50 employees.

In a subsequent interview, Kemp said that the layoffs mostly affected those who produced launch vehicles and provided space services. Although he pointed out that the firm did decrease employees in early 2020 after losing a Rocket 3 vehicle by accident, this is the first round of layoffs since the company became public in mid-2021.


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