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Artemis I: NASA schedules new launch date for Moon mission

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

After Hurricane Ian caused NASA to roll back its enormous rocket into its hangar at Kennedy Space Center in Florida late last month, the space agency has scheduled a date for another attempt to launch its Artemis I mission.

On Monday, November 14, at 12.07 a.m. ET, the Space Launch System's 69-minute launch window will open, according to NASA.

The unmanned Orion spacecraft will be sent around the moon and back to Earth to test its systems if the launch is successful. The mission is anticipated to last 25 days, splashing down on Friday, December 9 in the Pacific Ocean.

The rocket and Orion spacecraft needed 'little modification', according to the space agency, to be ready for their gradual 4-mile (6.4-kilometer) rollout to the launch pad, which may happen as soon as this Friday, November 4.

NASA's Artemis program's main objective is to send people back to the moon for the first time in 50 years. In addition, the Artemis I mission, which is anticipated to be the first of many, will set the groundwork by putting the rocket, spacecraft, and all of its components to the test to see if they are safe for astronauts to fly.

But starting this initial mission has proven to be a difficult task. The first two failed attempts were due to technical difficulties, and the third one was ruined by Hurricane Ian.

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