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Army Issues Tenders To Buy Over 62,000 Bulletproof Jackets To Boost Defence Capabilities

Due to the growing threat posed by terrorists using steel core bullets in India, the Indian Army has put out tenders for 62,500 bulletproof jackets (BPJs) for its frontline troops.

The Ministry of Defence released two tenders for the jackets under the Make-in-India initiative: one for 47,627 jackets through the regular process and the other for 15,000 jackets through emergency procurement procedures. According to Army officials, both tenders would be finalized in the following three to four months. The officials said that the procurement would take place following the completion of user trials and the finalization of all modalities.

Bulletproof vests to be procured in phases:

The purchase of 47,627 jackets is being done in stages and will be finished in the following 18 to 24 months.

According to the Army's standards, a soldier must be protected from both steel core bullets and 7.62 mm ammunition fired from a distance of 10 metres.

It has been seen in a few cases when militants employing American armour-piercing rounds in Kashmir Valley were able to penetrate the bulletproof vests of Indian forces.

Twenty years after beginning the fight against terror, American troops withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving behind the use of ABPs in addition to the M-16 Assault rifles and carbines. After it, the Taliban also gained control of Aghanistan.

Indian Army in J&K

These Army jackets, which will be ordered in two phases, would first be distributed to the troops stationed in Jammu and Kashmir, the customary hotspot for terrorist attacks. Level 4 BPJs will be used, and it is assumed that they will be effective against steel core bullets.

According to sources in the Army, "the force would guarantee that the jackets have been built in India and the materials have not been sourced from any of the rivals."

It's interesting to note that, as part of an emergency procurement process, the Indian Army had previously sought proposals to purchase 750 remotely controlled aerial vehicles, or drones, together with all necessary accessories.


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