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Air India beats IndiGo to become top 'on time' airline in India

For the third straight month, Air India has outperformed IndiGo as India's #1 "on-time" carrier. According to an article in the Economic Times, after being acquired by the Tata Group, Air India has made on-time performance (OTP) one of its top improvement priorities (ET). One of IndiGo's branding efforts was being on time.

In September, 87.1 percent of Air India's flights were on time compared to 84.1 percent for IndiGo. According to the research, these numbers were 83.1 and 84.5 percent, respectively, in June.

"To enhance the capability of predictive maintenance for aero planes, we have invested in IT systems. To track the turnaround times of aircraft, we want to make sure the proper procedures are in place. There is no miracle cure. We must make sure that all systems are flawlessly functioning "Campbell Wilson, the CEO of Air India, told ET.

In order to boost performance, IndiGo is said to have requested its cabin staff to make some significant modifications to flight management. Closing the cabin door within 60 seconds of the last passenger boarding the aircraft is one of the instructions.

"The cabin door will be shut within 60 seconds of receiving word that the last passenger has boarded. It's possible that the traveller is still settling in the cabin "The airline's circular said what it said.

Additionally, it said that the doors were to be locked 15 minutes prior to leaving.

Door closing 15 minutes prior to departure time for all departures is one of the measures implemented to improve on-time performance, it was added.

Additionally, the business has instructed the pilots to arrive at the airports at least 75 minutes prior to the time of their scheduled flight departures. 35 minutes before takeoff, they must be seated in the aircraft.

IndiGo has also accelerated the recruiting of ground personnel who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Edited by : Ankit Biswas (LinkedIn)

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