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Agnikul Cosmos sets up India’s first private space vehicle launchpad at Sriharikota

The launch pad was just launched by Research Organization | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Agnikul, a space technology start-up with its headquarters in Chennai, has established Sriharikota as India's first launchpad ever to be run by a private company.

S. Somanath, head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and secretary of the Department of Space, recently inaugurated the facility.

The Satish Dhawan Space Center now boasts the first dedicated launch pad for a commercial launch vehicle (SDSC). India may now launch into space using a second space station. Thank you, Agnikul," replied Mr. Somanath.

The Agnikul launchpad (ALP) and the Agnikul mission control centre are the two components of the facility, which was planned by Agnikul and built with assistance from ISRO and IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center) (AMCC).

To ensure 100% operationality during the countdown, all crucial systems tying these two parts together, which are 4 km apart, are redundant.

The launchpad was particularly designed with the need to enable liquid stage controlled launches in mind, as well as the requirement for ISRO's range operations team to keep an eye on important flight safety parameters while launches are underway.

Additionally, it has the capacity to communicate with ISRO's Mission Control Center to exchange data and other vital information as needed.

"The opportunity to launch from our own launchpad while continuing collaborating with ISRO's launch operations teams is a luxury that we have been afforded by ISRO & IN-SPACe," stated Srinath Ravichandran, co-founder & CEO of Agnikul.

"The new changes that have been brought in by the Department of Space genuinely accommodate everyone's goal of travelling to space," said Moin SPM,

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