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Aerospace certifications awarded ASG Group.

ASG Group, based in Stockport, has announced its commitment to quality and accreditation approvals, highlighting its growing capabilities in the aerospace industry. The company recently underwent an audit by NQA and received group-wide AS9100 approval, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining quality standards.

That's great to hear! It seems that ASG Group has taken a big step forward in its ability to directly supply certified private and government aerospace, space, and defence organizations with additive manufactured components.

This certification will enable ASG Group to expand its services and grow its customer base within the aerospace industry.That's correct. The AS9100 approval is a globally recognized quality management system (QMS) standard that sets requirements for companies involved in the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries.

It ensures that organizations have implemented a quality management system that meets customer and regulatory requirements and is continuously improving. It demonstrates that ASG Group is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers in these sectors.

The achievement of coded welder approval is another significant milestone for ASG Group in its commitment to quality and safety. The approval means that ASG Group can now perform welding on aerospace components to strict industry standards, which is critical for the safety and reliability of the products.

This accreditation further highlights the company's expertise and capability in the aerospace industry and strengthens its position as a trusted supplier of quality products and services.It's great to see the managing director of ASG Group, Simon Weston, recognizing the hard work and dedication of his team in obtaining the AS9100 approval, JOSCAR register approval, and coded welder approval.

These certifications reflect ASG Group's commitment to quality and excellence in the aerospace industry, and it's good to see that their efforts are paying off. The approvals also demonstrate ASG Group's capability to supply the aerospace industry with certified components and tooling.

An important aspect of the global aerospace supply chain.ASG Group's extensive capabilities, along with its multiple sites and over 150 machine tools, suggest that it is well-equipped to meet the increasing demand for high-quality aerospace components and services worldwide.

The company's commitment to growth, investment, and the creation of new jobs is admirable, as is its dedication to developing its own apprentices.

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