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  • Namana Nagaraj

ADA Unveils Revolutionary Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) Concept for Future Air Operations

In a bold leap forward for aeronautical innovation, the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has set its sights on demonstrating the Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) concept using the LCA-Navy prototype.

This groundbreaking approach integrates manned and unmanned aerial platforms to redefine the landscape of air operations, enhancing operational capabilities and efficiency.

The highly-anticipated demonstration is scheduled to take place in 2025 or 2026.

Manned Unmanned Aircraft Teaming India – Defstrat

Revolutionizing Air Operations:

MUM-T technology holds the promise of revolutionizing the way air operations are conducted, allowing manned aircraft to seamlessly collaborate with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This collaborative effort is designed to execute complex missions with unparalleled effectiveness and precision.

Key Scenarios for Demonstration:

ADA's demonstration will showcase the versatility of MUM-T technology through various scenarios:

1. Formation Flying: The manned aircraft will join UAVs in a rendezvous pattern, illustrating their ability to operate closely and coordinate with precision.

2. Information Sharing: Real-time information exchange between the UAVs and the manned aircraft, providing comprehensive situational awareness for informed decision-making.

3. Tasked Actions: Manned aircraft controllers (ACS) will direct UAVs for strike missions, with the UAVs autonomously executing the provided navigation plans.

4. Formation Re-routing: Demonstrating the flexibility of the MUM-T system, both UAVs will be re-routed to a different point with altitude changes, showcasing adaptability in unexpected situations.

5. Recovery: Efficient and safe recovery of UAVs at Dabolim, highlighting the technology's capability to retrieve unmanned platforms after mission completion.

Manned-Unmanned Teaming – New Era in air warfare | Indian Defence Industries

Potential Integration into Future Fighter Jets:

The success of this demonstration is poised to pave the way for integrating MUM-T technology into future fighter jets, including the Twin Engine Deck-Based Fighter (TEDBF) and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). These fighter jets will be equipped with advanced MUM-T capabilities, enabling them to navigate complex environments and execute a diverse range of missions with enhanced effectiveness.

A Crucial Milestone in Air Warfare Evolution:

MUM-T represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of air warfare, and ADA's demonstration is set to be a crucial milestone in the development of this transformative technology.

The successful showcase of MUM-T's potential will undoubtedly shape the future of air operations, solidifying ADA's position at the forefront of aeronautical innovation.

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