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4 important Indian space exploration milestones in 2022

The previous year was a genuinely historic one for space exploration. Not only did we see NASA successfully accomplish the Artemis 1 mission to return people to the Moon, but the James Webb Space Telescope also gave us access to previously unimaginable views of the cosmos.India strengthened its position as a spacefaring superpower in 2022 as well.

Using its Launch Vehicle Mark III (LVM3) rocket, formerly known as the GSLV-MK3, the Indian Space Research Organization launched its first commercial satellite. It also accomplished the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLVfirst )'s flight, but it was a bittersweet accomplishment because the rocket accidentally injected three satellites into the incorrect orbit owing to a sensor malfunction, making the mission only a partial success.

Indian private space technology firms also enjoyed a successful year. India launched its first privately made satellite vehicle on the Prarambh mission, which was carried out by Hyderabad-based Skyroot Aerospace. The Agnikul launch vehicle, which has the first single-piece 3D-printed rocket engine in the world, was successfully tested by Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos. The four most significant events in Indian space exploration in 2022 are listed below.

The SSLV satellite's initial launch by ISRO marked a significant turning point for the organisation. Low-Earth orbit deployments of miniature satellites have grown in popularity over time. By 2023, the worldwide small satellite market will be worth $13.7 billion, predicts Allied Market Research.

With this market in mind, the SSLV was created. With the rapid turnaround time necessary for commercial launches, it combines three solid fuel-based stages and a liquid fuel-based velocity trimming module (VTM) to deploy the satellites in orbit. The vehicle can be assembled and tested in two days, according to ISRO Chairman S Somanath. After that, the launch utilising the vehicle might be accomplished within a week if rehearsal and launch are completed within the next two days.

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