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Pilot Training 

To become a Pilot is a childhood dream for many, the main reason why 90 per cent of people get deviated to another stream in India, is because they don’t know where to start and how to execute. We are here to guide students & their parents in pilot training as the one-stop shop to pursue your dreams to become a pilot. Brahmastra provides DGCA ground classes and is tied up with various flying schools all around the globe, we even take care of the DGCA paper works for the pilots who want to get their foreign licence converted. and also assist students to get their medicals done.

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We Provide 

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CPL Conversion

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Airline Interview Preparation


Ground Classes

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Cadet Entrance Exam Classes


Ground Classes

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Professional Flying Courses

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Intro to
Flying Subjects

DGCA Ground Classes

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) examination is the first step pilot aspirants should take before they start off flying training. Once the candidates registers with us, they get unlimited counseling sessions as we help them get their Computer Number and further guide them to choose the right flight school to complete the requirements of flying training. The duration of full course will be 2-3 months depending on a lot of variable factors. After completion of the course, we will make sure the candidates finish the exam on time by giving plenty of test experiences to prepare well for the main exam. The study material required for the preparation will be provided by the academy,and the classes are taken by highly qualified and experienced pilots who were been trained from abroad.


Professional Flying Courses

A PPL or private pilot license is great if you just want to fly for your own personal needs or pleasure. Successfully completing the course will allow you to enjoy personal flights in a single-engine airplane. However, if you intend on making money from flying, the next step should be your CPL or Commercial Pilot License. A CPL is essentially a more advanced PPL, requiring greater accuracy in flying and a higher standard of airmanship. The holder of a CPL can act as pilot in command of a small piston aircraft that holds less than 9 passengers for commercial purposes.

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DGCA CPL Conversion

Conversion of a foreign CPL is basically simplified into three different phases. There are alternate ways in which conversion can be done, however, the below mentioned is the most preferred method.

* students after finishing their pilot training in abroad needs to convert their foreign licence into Indian licence,the process can be guided by getting RTR, FRTOL, DGCA MEDICALS,CONVERSION FLYING AND PAPER WORKS.


Airline Interview Preparation

The objective of this course is to prepare the candidate for the application and interview phases of airline recruitment processes. Better enabling the graduate of the course to understand and respond to key question, pass the test phase, interview phase and required by airline interview staff.


ATPL Ground Classes

The minimum qualification (license) to operate on the commercial airliner as a First or Second Officer is a frozen Air Transport Pilots License (FATPL) with a Type of Application Specific Type Score and a Class One Health. The ATPL involves a number of individual licenses and permits, all of which are necessary to apply for commercial flying jobs.

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Cadet Training Programs

Airlines in India have (cadet training programs) conducted by themselves, they don’t select everyone who is applying for the cadet pilot training program, they do have an entrance exam first which consists of three parts, written, psychometric, and interview, we do give training for all these three with the experienced instructors, who are already bonded with the airlines.