Brahmastra Aerospace Systems came up with an initiative of human resource management. where the aim is to reach zero unemployment in the domain of Aeronautics and Astronautics. we focus on the skills, quality than the CGPA's.


Together let us make things fly...!

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Recruitment for

Fresh Drone Pilots...!

Bird eye Asset solutions

Prerequisite Consideration:

As a first step, our assigned in-house experts collaborate with your team to bring the data capture requirements to the fore. Developing solutions for the aerial representations is our subsequent step to fit into the requirement.


Man-Power security:


Our Drones do the imagery substitute for your employees. Keeping your manpower resources away from the perilous environment of radiation and vertical climbs is the priority while saving on time.

Front-line Technology:

Capturing critical data of your business is what our drones do. The AI-powered UAVs can access the point of imagery within hours of the Drone leaving towards the object.

Case –on Study Report:

Our cloud empowered software gives you the best analyzing solutions with reports. The reports then can be assimilated to an ERP using our API.


  • Bachelors in Aeronautics / Aerospace (no matter with Backlogs)

  • Should be an Indian Citizen 

  • Willingness to travel across India anytime.

  • Risk Handler

  • Quick Learner & Team player. 

  • Basic knowledge about Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and aircraft. 

  • Survival proficiency in English. 


  • Application 

  • Technical Test 

  • Face to Face Interview with HR.