Brahmastra Aerospace Systems came up with an initiative of human resource management. where the aim is to reach zero unemployment in the domain of Aeronautics and Astronautics. we focus on the skills, quality than the CGPA's.


Together let us make things fly...!

Communication Engineer


  • ECE/EEE/MCT or whatever with below mentioned skills

  • Digital electronics

  • A & D Communication systems

  • Digital Signal Processing (we don't consider how many attempts😅)

  • Basic Programming languages (Python is more than enough we guess)

  • Arduino with microcontroller programming 

  • MS Office (Lifeskill though )


  • Application 

  • Sorting

  • Technical Test 

  • Face to Face Chat with HR. 

  • FInal Chat with CEO 

  • Boom you are in


* 12-14K for first three months