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Are you an undergraduate student or a recent graduate with a passion for aerospace and defence? Do you want to be a part of a cutting-edge space startup that's shaping the future of the industry? Look no further – become a Campus Ambassador for Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited!

What Does a Brahmastra Campus Ambassador Do?

As a Brahmastra Campus Ambassador, you'll be our eyes and ears on your campus. You'll play a crucial role in spreading awareness about our dynamic space startup within your institution. This voluntary role requires a commitment of just around 4 hours per week, allowing you to balance your responsibilities with ease.

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Your Responsibilities

  • Creatively promote Brahmastra within your university or college.

  • Utilize various strategies like posters, social media updates, information sessions, and collaborations with college officials and departments.

  • Showcase your passion for aerospace and defense by taking the initiative to make a difference.


The Campus Ambassador Program from Brahmastra is specially designed to

* Under Graduate Students

Benefits You'll Enjoy

Elevate Your CV/Resume:

Showcase your proactive approach and commitment to potential employers through your role as a Campus Ambassador.


Architect Your Marketing Campaign: 

Forge your unique promotional pathways, leveraging your creative freedom.


Join Our Dynamic Team:

As a Campus Ambassador, you're a valued member of our passionate team. Prepare to collaborate with a wide range of experts from the industries.

Guidance at Your Fingertips: 

We're accessible via phone and email to guide you through your promotional journey and beyond.

Job at Brahmastra:

Showcase your innovation and initiative, and seize the chance to get a job in Brahmastra

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Discover Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence

With a year of pioneering experience, Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited ignite the realm of space technology. Our comprehensive approach spans ed-tech, design, training, and research, all the way to project management and prototyping for aerospace, aeronautical, drone, rocket, and satellite technologies.

Our Mission

At Brahmastra, we're determined to bridge the gap between academia and industry, addressing the shortage of skilled professionals in the aerospace, aeronautical, and defence domains.

Ready to Launch?


Seize the opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey! The future of space technology is calling – become a Campus Ambassador for Brahmastra Aerospace and Defence Private Limited today. For inquiries, reach us at

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